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We are a wholesaler and trading house distributing and selling our disposable packaging products in plastic, paper,  foil, wooden, bamboo, plastic and etc for all need of different industries in Malaysia for the need of packaging. For all the cafe, restaurant, catering, hotel, bakery shop and factory purchaser, you are welcome to contact us for our product.
The example of the product we are selling are as following:
For paper category, what we are selling are paper bag, paper cup, paper plate, paper wrapping paper, paper tray, paper doilies (doyley paper) , tissue paper, paper cake cup, paper box , paper hat, paper mini umbrella.
For foil category, we supply foil roll, foil tray, and foil container
For wooden and bamboo range of product, we do have toothpick and chopstick.
For plastic type product, we do sell clear plastic container, plastic microwaveable container, plastic fork, plastic spoon, plastic knife, wrap film, stretch film,  e juice bottle , pet jar, singlet bag, plastic bag (HM BAG, HD BAG, PE BAG, PP BAG, IPP BAG), garbage bag, cookies bag, Zipper Bag, nylon string, pet bottle,
For other product that we do supply are such as rubber band (colorful rubber band, postman white rubber band and brown rubber band).