The seals come with "sealed for your protection " printing in black ink. Made of foam material, soft, non-toxic, tasteless, with great seal performance. Not only can improve the enterprise output value, but also extend the product storage function.Widely used in medicine, food, health products and cosmetics and some chemical products, sealed packaging.


  1. Help preserve freshness of your product.
  2. Help prevent oils & liquids from leaking.
  3. Help prevent product contamination.
  4. Help authenticate product integrity.

How to use

  1. Place the liner onto the opening of the bottle/jar.  (Make sure the rim is dry, clean and smooth. )
  2. The one side with word should be the upper side (see picture shown).
  3. Twist your cap onto the bottle.Leave in place for 30 minutes.
  4. This gives the adhesive time to release leaving the liner attached to the rim.
  5. You will see the liner sealed closely onto the rim of the bottle/jar opening after you take off the outside cap 30 mins later.

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